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01. New product development, can not find a research and development power for the development of the factory.
02. Building hardware procurement, time consuming, demanding, hard?
03. Traders cooperation, not ready-made control, emergency when unable to quickly implement.
04. Batch purchasing, costs come down.
05. Supplier not in time, the supplier no stock up the goods, delay the production.

How to do? to look down.........


20 years of experience in building hardware manufacturing

20 years of experience in building hardware manufacturing, can quickly provide new product research and development, for you to save development time.

Professional r&d team, to provide comprehensive technical support.

Imported multifunctional equipment production, guarantee the stability of production, good quality.

Holy building hardware:
fine, full, no defects.

Inferior products:
Obvious defects, slightly longer that rust.

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One - stop building hardware supporting solution

Holy sincere service, Offer free building hardware samples solutions.

With more than 1000 kinds of specifications spot, fast delivery service, let you worry and effort.

Non-standard parts safety stock, let you produce look easy.

Making samples green channel,When you need a quick fix of urgency.

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Professional services and technical team

20 years of experience in the production of professional services consulting one technician.

Professional R & D team, providing a full range of technical support.

Imported multifunction equipment to ensure product stability and good quality.

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Yuyao Holy Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a design, development, manufacturing, sales and service in one integrated company, under the four Division, Architectural Hardware Division is Mainly specialized in door&windows pulleys , hanging wheels, window stays, handles, hinges, slides and non-standard,seven major types of 1000 specifications. The company obtained ISO9001 international....

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