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Address: Zhejiang Yuyao City Industrial Park Huangjiabu
(power plant south coast)
Tel: + 86-574-62008222
Tel: + 86-574-62008228
Tel: + 86-574-62019388
Fax: + 86-574-62008220
Fax: + 86-574-62020575
E-mail: sales@holy-cn.com


Yuyao holy metal co.,ltd. is a synthesizing type company which contains designing, exploitation, manufacture, sale and service. There are four subordinate Division. Buliding hardware branch office have seven categorys which contain more than 1000 styles. The categorys are Door and Window Pulley, Hanger, Window Stay, handle, Hinge, Slide and Non-Standard Part. Between mit-gehen, we first obtain IS09001 International Qualit CertificationSysterm, National Mandatory Products Certification and Many Countries’ Quality Certification, and we are one of the most omniform, best quality, most perfect service and strongest activity extent company during present domestic buliding hardware industry.


Buliding hardware branch office insist on Good faith, Cooperation, Study and Innovation. “Depend on Leading Technology, Usher in Times Neat Wave”, Holy Building hardware collect a group of outstanding specialists and talents who focus on building hardwares’ designing and manufacture, and gather in a group of well-trained and exquisite technology’s work team. We create constantly and foot newer, more beautiful, more perfect building hardware depend on most front building hardware designing and manufacture technology. Holy Building Hardware mainly exported to US and Europe. Such as Masco, Stanley in USA, Carlstahl, Wurth in Germany, Shirley in Canada, Brendan in Ireland, Avocet in UK and so on.


Our company locates in Zhejiang province of China. The detailed address is in the junction of Hangzhou Bay Bridge to Hangyong highway and 329 national street 95 Kilometers way. The distance to Ningbo Airport and Belilun Port is the same, namely, 72 kilometers. It is 80 kilometers to Hangzhou Airport.


Yuyao holy metal co.,ltd.

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Address:Industry HuangJiaBu town Yu Yao, NingBao,
China(Thermal Power Plant in South Bank)
Tel: +86-574-62020588,62008222,62008228,62019388
Fax: +86-574-62008220,62020575
E-mail: sales@holy-cn.com
[ICP:88888888] Technical Support: nbziyu

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