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Address: Zhejiang Yuyao City Industrial Park Huangjiabu
(power plant south coast)
Tel: + 86-574-62008222
Tel: + 86-574-62008228
Tel: + 86-574-62019388
Fax: + 86-574-62008220
Fax: + 86-574-62020575
E-mail: sales@holy-cn.com

Yuyao Holy Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a design, development, manufacturing, sales and service in one integrated company, under the four Division, Architectural Hardware Division Main pulley windows, hanging round, window stays, handles, together page, slide, non-standard parts seven categories over 1000 kinds of specifications. Customer needs for product customization, please contact us first time, or online at the message, we will customize your needs timely discussion and feedback, fine-class integrated product list is as follows: Pulley contains (double pulley, single pulley, stainless steel pulley aluminum pulley bracket, sliding door pulley [Geduan], wardrobe door pulley, retractable door pulley, hanging round, hanger rail, shower pulleys, wheels), handles, window stays included (FA series, FB series, FC series, Y & A series), hinges include (four bearing hinge, alloy hinge, picture hinges, concealed hinges), slide fasteners including (eyelet bolt, bolt gecko, U-bolts, T-bolts, eye bolts, tightening bolts, eccentric bolts, safety buckle); if your product customization requirements described in more detail, we will also be more precise feedback.
Hotline:+86-574-62008222  62008228  62019388 Welcome to call for inquiry!

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Address:Industry HuangJiaBu town Yu Yao, NingBao,
China(Thermal Power Plant in South Bank)
Tel: +86-574-62020588,62008222,62008228,62019388
Fax: +86-574-62008220,62020575
E-mail: sales@holy-cn.com
[ICP:88888888] Technical Support: nbziyu

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